Douglas County Partners is proud to provide resources and ongoing support for our mentors and volunteers.

Please let us know if there is anything we can provide that would be helpful in growing your partnership or supporting our organization through volunteering.

Mentor Resources

Mentor Enrichment Trainings

The Youth Mentoring Collaborative invites Denver-area mentors and tutors to their informative and inclusive Mentor Enrichment Trainings. These are of no cost to you and take place at East High School (East 16th Ave and Elizabeth Street). You may sign up directly on their website. ***Note: Trainings go on hiatus over the summer and will resume in September.

Support Services

  • Active Case Management: Partners staff provide full-time case management services to all mentors. They maintain regular contact with volunteers and youth after they are matched to oversee the healthy development of each Partnership. Staff strive to get to know the youth and their families so that volunteers can be adequately equipped with the knowledge and confidence they need to make a lasting and meaningful connection.
  • Monthly Group Activities: Each month we organize one free or low cost activity for all of our Partnerships. These activities provide everyone with the opportunity to interact in a positive environment, develop appropriate social skills, bond with one another and meet other Partnerships. Activities vary monthly, and may include: camping trips, ice skating, picnics, holiday parties, bowling, and arts and crafts.
  • Community Service Activities: Community service is an integral and educational component of the Partners model. It provides an opportunity for Partnerships to strengthen their relationships by working together as volunteers in the community. An example of an annual community service project is the Thanksgiving Food Basket Project, where Partnerships meet to collect, assemble and distribute food baskets to needy families.
  • Senior Partners Only Activities (SPOs): Each quarter we organize SPOs where mentors and tutors, new and experienced, get together in a fun adults-only setting. These activities are a great opportunity for volunteers to socialize and share advice and support.